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aeris1902 ([personal profile] aeris1902) wrote2013-06-22 03:05 am


Ugh it's really annoying when people downgrade one of your favorite genres because they think that, compared to comics by authors like Moebius and Jodorowsky, yaoi manga are just for mindless fangirls that would buy anything as long as it has man on man action.
Not only do they consider the genre crap, not worthy of being published even and guilty to steal space to their superior quality comics and manga (I don't know what they're about and am not interested in finding out but I'm certainly not complaining that they print that stuff!) but also whine about the fans being too noisy; well sorry if when the publisher posts about yaoi they get 100+ likes and comments and when they talk about other comics and manga there are only around 10, maybe that should tell you something?
Furthermore the publisher itself said that the profits from yaoi sellings help them printing other titles that don't sell so well but eh, if that's true then, always in their opinion, the poor publisher is forced to print yaoi otherwise they wouldn't even consider it!!
Sigh this is what happens when a publisher works with many genres and labels, I wish there was a company working only on yaoi so there wouldn't be any more people moaning =_=

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