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aeris1902 ([personal profile] aeris1902) wrote2015-02-17 01:04 am


Finally! The publisher announced they're going to reprint Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume o Miru and the sequel *tears of joy* I have been waiting for the second volume for so long but now I'm left wondering on what to do with the first volume since it will be a new edition and I would like my collection to be consistent hmm. I could probably sell it but I have never sold anything on the net so I'm uncertain on what to do :/

ON another note, I've moved to the new house this past Sunday and man, it's all so surreal. There is still lots of stuff to put away and actually there are a lot of things left in the old house that haven't been brought here yet sigh. I will need some time to get used to it, especially to my room at night; I don't know why, maybe because the room is in front of the stairs and from where I sleep I can see them or because we moved to a much isolated area so it's pretty quiet, but I felt so freaked out yesterday, like someone could pop up in my room at any moment and it's never happened before D: So yeah I had to sleep with the door of my room closed to be at ease >_>

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