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my little collection #5

Old stuff since I bought them months ago but here we go~


  • Spiritual Police 1
  • Kiss Ariki 2

To be honest I'm not really happy about the direction these 2 manga are taking and at this point I'm afraid sensei might do some wrong even to Harudaki >.>


  • Little Butterfly 2-3
  • Kimi ga koi ni oboreru 1

Yay another complete series, I had a great time re-reading LB *O* As for Kimi, it might take a while before the new volume comes out since the publisher has been slowing down lately with the yaoi releases *sad*


  • Croquis
  • Tsuyogari
  • Crimson Spell 4

CS contained that extra chapter where they're in an illusion? and the beast takes Vald's appearance, pretty nice of the publisher to include it but it came at a higher cost...


  • Sex Pistols 5
  • Koisuru Boukun 5

Sigh I still can't read these 2 because I'm missing vol 4 of both, too bad I live quite far from the shop and I can't go too often =.=


  • Ze 1-3

I'm not sure if I should start reading it or wait for the ending but the series is 11 volumes so it might take quite a long time yet hmm...

And let's end with the whole collection

no title

no title

which is growing since it finally reached the second shelf *O*

Meanwhile I went shopping again but I will post the new manga another day since I haven't taken the pictures yet 8D

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