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2012-10-30 07:31 pm

New friends page

Oh gosh what is with that new friends page? It's so anonymous and I'm such a costumization addict that I even installed the extension Stylish on Chrome to change the style of Facebook, Google and tumblr dashboard >.<
Please Livejournal leave us the possibility to customize our friends page, I don't like to not have the chance to choose and I have a real dislike for infinite scrolling D:

EDIT: so I made a Dreamwidth account and I'm hoping that, in case they implement this abomination, a lot of people will follow :/
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2012-10-15 11:48 pm

To-buy list

My to-buy list has increased so I need to write down the titles or I'm going to forget some of them è.è
  • Dog Style all the series
  • Viewfinder v3
  • Kiss Ariki v1
  • Sojou no Koi wa Nidou Haneru
  • Hidoku Shinaide v1&2
  • Koisuru Boukun v1
  • The Earl and the Fairy v2&4
  • Sex Pistols v1&2 the copy I bought last time had all the pages messed up ;~;
​Coming soon
  • Aijin Incubus v1&2
  • Viewfinder v5
  • Crimson Spell v4
  • Keep Out ♥♥♥
  • Ze v1
Ohi, ohi I don't know if I have the money to buy all this stuff though I'm sure when I'll finally decide to move my ass and go to the shop not all the volumes will be available :/
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2012-09-10 10:46 pm


I'm back from a 20 hours round trip by boat, 10 hours of standing in high heels, hysterical relatives and I think I caught a bit of a fever è.è
Time to rest, good night world.
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2012-09-04 06:40 pm

A little question

I should start by saying that I'm an idiot when it comes to buying online but anyway I have a little question, if ever someone passes by here... Can a buyer on eBay cancel a purchase?
It all started the other day, I've never used eBay but for curiosity I wanted to check if someone was selling the Pink Gold Anthology and to my surprise there were 2 offers. Considering that I've been lusting after this anthology for over a month and one of the offers was good enough I made an account and purchased it (30€ shipping from Japan included) BUT inadvertently I brought the book 2 other times and I didn't notice it (I've already said that I'm an idiot). Anyway after a few days I finally paid the item and together with the confirmation email of the purchase from eBay I also got 2 other mails where the seller asked to cancel the purchase. Of course I refused one of them since i had paid it but what I didn't know was that the seller was only trying to cancel the other 2 purchases OTL After a little of clicking around I found out what happened and agreed to cancel the remaining purchase; later I've also contacted the seller and he said that in the meantime he shipped one copy and that he would question eBay for the other one since he can't ask again to cancel that purchase.
In the end I'm left hanging, waiting to know what to do; I really can't pay for another copy since I'm short on cash and so here comes my question, hoping that someone with more experience knows the answer.
Sigh I'm really hopeless .______.
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2012-08-05 08:09 pm
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Oh wow I can't believe it, Ze is been licensed in my country!
To be honest I don't know much about this manga because I haven't read what is available online though I really like Yuki Shimizu but I have been a bit traumatized by Love Mode; in fact I'm not really a lover of tragedies and I remember reading a tearjerker sidestory that left me so sad I never finished it so I would like to hear some opinions about it if ever someone passes by this page xD since I would prefer to avoid bad surprises è.è
Well I don't mind shedding some tears but at least I would like to read an happy ending with, if possible, nobody dying in the process x.x
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2012-07-26 10:20 pm

Yeah, whatever...

Hmm my inferiority/nobody loves me/nobody appreciate what I do complex is kicking back in, sigh I really hate this side of my character.
I thought writing it down would help me getting over it; tomorrow is another day and there are many other important things to take care of so I shouldn't really worry over it so much ( ̄~ ̄)
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2012-07-23 05:15 pm
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my little collection #3

New arrivals this week ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ And first time buying online and having stuff delivered to my house, that is all cool and nice but

it can become kinda problematic when you have a father that likes to stick his nose in )
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2012-07-05 03:08 pm

Europe rejects ACTA

I'm really happy Europe decided to say no to ACTA, though I'm aware they will come up with other laws and I'm ready to accept them if they're reasonable, asking your ISP to police everything you share online was a bit too much in my opinion :/
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2012-06-25 01:14 am


Wow what a nice evening ≧◡≦
Italy won against England in Euro 2012 (take a look at this cool penalty kick) and I found out that I have another week to prepare my exam, I'm in a really good mood (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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2012-04-20 08:18 am
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My little collection #2

Finally the italian publisher managed to reprint the first volume of Crimson Spell ≧◡≦ I can't believe it still wasn't in my collection

(●´ω`●) )
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2012-01-30 06:02 pm
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My little collection #1

Some days ago I was talking with a friend about my yaoi collection and made a photo of it to show her, so I thought I would share it here too...

(▰˘◡˘▰) )

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2011-02-22 11:07 pm
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A walk in Rome...

Finally I decided to post an entry. I'm not really good with these things so I'll just start with posting some photos that I took some weeks ago while I was taking a walk around Rome :3

In this one I like how the light illuminates the building.