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I should start by saying that I'm an idiot when it comes to buying online but anyway I have a little question, if ever someone passes by here... Can a buyer on eBay cancel a purchase?
It all started the other day, I've never used eBay but for curiosity I wanted to check if someone was selling the Pink Gold Anthology and to my surprise there were 2 offers. Considering that I've been lusting after this anthology for over a month and one of the offers was good enough I made an account and purchased it (30€ shipping from Japan included) BUT inadvertently I brought the book 2 other times and I didn't notice it (I've already said that I'm an idiot). Anyway after a few days I finally paid the item and together with the confirmation email of the purchase from eBay I also got 2 other mails where the seller asked to cancel the purchase. Of course I refused one of them since i had paid it but what I didn't know was that the seller was only trying to cancel the other 2 purchases OTL After a little of clicking around I found out what happened and agreed to cancel the remaining purchase; later I've also contacted the seller and he said that in the meantime he shipped one copy and that he would question eBay for the other one since he can't ask again to cancel that purchase.
In the end I'm left hanging, waiting to know what to do; I really can't pay for another copy since I'm short on cash and so here comes my question, hoping that someone with more experience knows the answer.
Sigh I'm really hopeless .______.


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