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New arrivals this week ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ And first time buying online and having stuff delivered to my house, that is all cool and nice but

it can become kinda problematic when you have a father that likes to stick his nose in your mail and would kill you if he knew that you read porn ʘ‿ʘ
Luckily I picked the package myself and brushed it off saying that they were comics though he isn't happy of that either since he thinks that I'm wasting my money ( ̄へ ̄)Another good thing is that he doesn't come to my room considering that I don't really hide my yaoi è.è

But anyway let's get to the serious stuff :'D

So this time we have:
  • Viewfinder v1 - finally!! Trying to buy Yamane Ayano manga seems like searching for the Holy Grail o.o
  • Crimson Spell v2 - with this I'm up to date with the italian publishing (3 volumes)
  • Wild Rock - ♥ I so wish Takashima sensei would get back to draw yaoi manga T^T and I also wish that the publisher Ronin would make prettier covers è.è
  • Sex Pistols v1 - great edition by Magic Press, luckily they're giving a lot of attention to this genre *o*
  • Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume o Miru v1 - T^T I was so "lucky" that when I went to order v2 was already unavailable, I hope Ronin won't let pass ages before restocking T^T
In my to-buy list
  • Dog Style v1 - who read it said that the publisher (Ronin) didn't do a good job with the translation è.è
  • Viewfinder v3 - will I ever manage to buy all the volumes? T^T
  • Kiss Ariki v1 - fuu... when I went to my favorite comic shop they didn't have it and I had already sent the online order
  • The Earl and the Fairy v2&4 - not yaoi but occasionaly I also read shoujo xD I love Ayuko's artwork and I would also buy the light novels if they were published *o*
  • Sojou no Koi wa Nidou Haneru - damn I want it now ;~;
  • Hidoku Shinaide v1 - it's not out yet but Magic Press has speeded on yaoi so I bet it won't take much

That said I don't even have the money to buy all the mentioned manga T^T but I'm hoping to get some spending money from my aunt *o*

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